Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Still Here

It's been a while since the last posting. I assure you I am still here.

They say this has been the coldest winter for 30 years. It HAS been perishing. Even today a walk out with Wizzy and hubby meant putting on layers upon layers of clothing to keep from getting cold. I had so much on I think I must have looked like the michelin man!

It's been quite a contrast to last winter. Then we were battered almost constantly with storms and this year it's been loads of snow. I haven't got a close up photo of the recent snow, but here's one taken during a foray 'north' when the Mountain Road was open.

There's still much snow on the mountains, and I don't think the road has reopened.

The prolonged winter-wonderland has delayed many spring flowers. Although there are snow drops to be seen, these brave souls are by the river in Ballasalla, our daffodils have only managed to push their leaves through into the open air and we still await those buds which hold springs' promise.