Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keep Awake!

Advent Sunday is a great day in the calendar we have stepped into the season of anticipation. Today has been especially so.

It's been bitterly cold with snow falling outside it was good to be cosily enclosed in St Mary's on the Harbour. A few had braved the elements and slippery roads to celebrate the beginning of the season.

Each year I am thankful for living quite a long way north in the Northern Hemisphere as its dark nights and shorter days seem to add to the season. Castletown is Latitude N 54° 07' 24" Longitude W 04° 06' 14" so the days are short and will get shorter as we approach the Christmas day. This mornings alarm clock was a rude awakening and served as a stark reminder of what Advent is about - we must not be tempted to press the snooze button! We do not know when He will return. Will we be ready?

In preparation for today I stumbled across this site. It's well worth a look ...