Saturday, October 31, 2009

Inadvisable Lap ... Dancing

At the touch of a button I had eradicated a pleasing set of colour coordinated choices. Having posted my delight at finding a new creative medium I was dismayed to discover just how quickly it became dark matter. What the ...

I am a rookie, at this. I had no idea of the consequences of attempting to change stuff. The image before me on my laptop was now devoid of the photos other than those I'd wrapped in text. How I could retrieve it all?

There are all kinds of settings and colours and a baffling number of other choises with no reverse button, as far as I can see, to fall back on. Well, I have discovered certain things had not been permanently lost. There were page elements that could be returned, but the overall colour scheme was lost. Good old trial and error has enabled me to learn. I know much more today than I did at the same time yesterday.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Always been one who enjoys adventures. Taking the plunge earlier this week and launching this blog was exhilarating and nerve racking at the same time. I have found myself going back to the settings and changing and rearranging the material. Have been following a number of blogs and there are some that are quite awesome, others are a mixture of witty, funny, insightful, deep, light, political, artistic, satirical, beautiful, inspirational and much more.

This little girl enjoyed being on the water and loved that tangy salty air. She also enjoyed collecting things, but I can't remember what I'd put in my much loved basket. Whenever life has been tough, the seaside has been restorative and, as for collecting things, well ...

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Putting the word 'unwelcome' in my search engine I am given one option. 'Unwelcome guest' appears. Mmmm.

Last night at about 1.30am I was awoken. On the landing I could hear voices. They seemed very close, which is odd because we live upstairs and the noises are usually down on the pavement at ground level.

Then I saw them. There on the scaffolding and climbing from there onto the roof, talking all the time, were some men. What would you do? I went back to the bedroom and whispered loudly to the snoring mound in the bed. Returning to the open plan living room I clapped my hands loudly and shouted 'Get off my house, get off the scaffolding'. One of the characters gave me lip, but thankfully they climbed down and scarpered. Only then did I tremble. A moment or two later my knight in shining armour appeared!

There's a street light outside so when looking into the house at night would be fairly opaque, and I had the advantage. We really do need those curtains and be rid of scaffolding.

Phoning the police this morning I was asked why I waited til morning to do so? Reflecting as to why I'm reminded of encounters in a different neighbourhood.

Last night was unwelcome.

Bee is for Bonnet and Bishop

On the way to our honeymoon we stayed the night in a B&B run by a rather eccentric family. In the wardrobe of our room were a pile of hats. We spent an hilarious hour trying these on and falling about laughing. The hats seemed to empower us to exaggerated behaviour.

While at college I joined a table in the refectory for lunch. Our guest that day was Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. This bishop was charming, courteous, engaging and supportive of the women at his meal table who were each at different points in their journey to Ordination.

It seems I may be mistaken. It turns out that this particular Bishop has declared he is considering a move to Rome which suggests he is opposed to women's ministry. How many other (male) Bishops are there with bees in their bonnets, who have not declared or have yet to be rumbled?

Perhaps appropriate headgear should be worn for encounters.


Have been contacted by a friend who thinks this Bishop may be considering going to Rome as an Evangelical.

There was a tiny piece in the Monday Telegraph and an interesting piece by George Pitcher about the Popes offer in the same newspaper. Also there was bulletin on Radio 4 news about the conference last weekend.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A couple of researchers into household carbon footprints have concluded that keeping a medium sized dog will leave a carbon footprint equal to a gas guzzling vehicle. Their recommend you kill your dog, eat it and then keep a fish or budgie instead.

It seems a curious conclusion considering just how much pleasure and companionship they offer. Owning a dog, we are told, reduces stress, which is a brilliant reason to have one. Wizzy makes a huge difference to our home and family. When we came here we knew very few people. Thanks to Wiz this is not the case.

Let's keep perspective and remember we are all part of something immeasurable.

Here she is on her favourite bed looking through the scaffolding.

Victor Meldrew Moments

I don't believe it!

I do like builders, and I said I'd miss them, but today I've found another leak at the front window! Eek!

Another howler ... the curtains that have been wrapped in plastic, awaiting another new window, new plastering etc, having to be moved from pillar to post, for about a year, were finally hung today. When the man left Ally decided to close them ... and yes you guessed it, they didn't meet in the middle! Hilarious.

Pickie is of an earlier leak from an earlier window.

Learning to be patient especially on an Island where all things happen slowly.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


There is a big difference between risso and bottlenose dolphins. The pod I spotted through my scope way out across the bay had been making their way down the eastern side of the island most of yesterday. It seems these were bottlenose which are winter visitors. Yesterday's weather was so tranquil and calm that their movements was watched by delighted people from the different vantage points down the coast. They were also a feature on Manx Radio which will have alerted many to their presence. All dolphins are majestic creatures which lift our spirits when we encounter them. Go to the Manx Whale and Dophin Watch to look at their pickies.

Carpenter arrives

Building work began here in December 2007. Almost in the final stage, but not holding our breath. Almost at each turn a new problem has been found.
There have been so many but a few are notable.

A pipe under the floor boards in a cupboard had been leaking for upward of 7 years, we had already replastered above the skirtings. Windows were screwed into voids so water poured down wall cavities, or windows placed over damp proofing ensuring rotting window sills. The discovery of no insulation in the porch also revealed an external wall made of plasterboard stuck over with stones. One bedroom wall is about to be painted for the third time. So the arrival, today of Kenny the Carpenter heralds finishing touches.

Despite the dust and upheaval it has been a pleasure to meet so many people who excel at the chosen craft. I will miss them.


A pod of risso dolphins quietly travel in the evening tranquility.
Their majesty directs my thoughts to the vastness of our planet and the insignificance of individual humanity.
We are to live in communion with each other, if we don't there are consequences too terrible to contemplate.