Wednesday, October 27, 2010


On our recent visit across I lost my little wallet! We had stopped off in Knutsford Services for a cuppa, comfort break and a short walk,
around the perimeter for Wizzy to investigate the smells. Juggling paper cups, car keys and dog, I put the wallet on the roof of the car.

Two hours later, in the Cotswolds, I realised what I'd done - phoned the police and services - and then cancelled the cards.

On our return I found a padded envelope which included the wallet and this note:
Found your wallet in the carpark of a service station on the M6 but unfortunately I couldn't find you or an Isle of Man car.
I realise that you have probably cancelled them but here they are and you can at least be sure that they are safe and unused.
Kind regards,
Am so delighted to have it back, and to be on the receiving end of the kindness of 'Paul' - He did not address his note so am unable to contact him. Nevertheless - Thank you Paul.

Worth remembering that there as some truly thoughtful people around.

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