Thursday, October 27, 2011

Audacitor - Madeira - Canaries

From early delight to Oceanmaster - time does fly - only seems yesterday he was on Castletown beach enjoying the ripples of the tide! Gordon is off to Madeira to help take Audacitor to the Canaries. Phil has had to return. Gareth and Dickon are shorthanded. Skype is set up so no expensive 'roaming' - phoning.

A prayer I have found, for all on Audacitor, in one of David Adam's books, thought to be from the Hebrides ~
Round our skiff
be God's aboutness
Ere she try
the depsth of sea
Sea-shell frail
for all her stoutness
Unless Thou
her helmsman be
During our various adventures of life, whether on the water or dry land, our companion, refuge and guide remains the same - the 'Thou' the Almighty - occasionally recognised.

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