Sunday, October 30, 2011

Soak yourself in Scripture

Soak yourself in Scripture - what a phrase - When I read these words in Martin Hogan's blog I found myself wondering at what it must be like to have never heard or read the scriptures.

The Bible is full of stories, histories, law, and letters - as well as prose and verse - each with their particular purpose for the life of the People of God. To focus on one small part and not to engage with others can leave gaping holes in understanding.

It was my privilege to be sent to a little school called Lyonsdown, rather longer ago than I would like to admit, in North London. Our headmistress was Mrs Sortain and Mrs Sortain was gifted with the ability to tell stories. Each morning, in assembly, we sang a hymn, said prayers AND listened to a story. Little people love a good story - and I remember vividly listening to the story of Esther, and eagerly wanting the next morning to come to hear what happened! Storytelling done by those who are especially gifted is a delight to the hearers. Whether it was Esther, or Daniel, or the story of Ruth or Jonah, or the birth of Jesus and his miracles - Mrs Sortain was able to bring them alive.

Today I meet people who have little or no idea of the treasure trove of story within the covers of the Bible - many will know the 'Thou shalt nots' of the commandments - many too will know the disagreements that come from different interpretations of one or two verses (usually in the letters to specific churches, we know as the Epistles).

Jumping into the Scriptures can be a joy, and will often be a challenge, and I am thankful as I remember that special lady who enabled me to delight in the word of God.

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  1. Thanks for that. I always love a good story too, and our own story of faith is well worth telling. Bless you.