Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Self Skippering

While we are again being battered by the weather, Gordon and other yachtmaster tutees are out in Intuition of Boss in the Solent, a Westerly Fulmar. This time they are without a professional skipper and are in full charge of the vessel. Each on board will take the role of skipper to put hours on their logs.

Without much wind, they set out under engine power and waited for the wind to increase.

For Christmas, I've bought Gordon The Shell Channel Pilot and a number of charts for the region. I've sent down the two Solent charts for his use, but will hang onto the Pilot as it'll cost quite a bit to send. I must confess that I don't know that part of the south coast well. Using the Pilot, we can follow the journey. Last night was spent up the Medina River at the Folly Inn. Here, three pints were accompanied by whitebait, scampi, mash and peas. They tottered back on board along the legendary long narrow gangplank!

With Gordon at the helm, they slipped at 7.30 this morning and continued into the Solent. Later picking up a buoy in Portsmouth to clear up breakfast and change skipper. Much of today is about practising pilotage, and there's still not much wind.
Picture from Westerly Owners Association site is of a Fulmar 32.

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