Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spectacular Sea Spray

It's a spectacular afternoon, the sun's shining and the tide is high. There's great delight amongst the seagulls who are gathered over and on the water. With each wave there is an almighty thud that reverberates thoughout the house, just ahead of the upward vertical thrust of water which is heavily laden with seaweed. The road is awash with water as the drains are now blocked. Cars passing are creating there own mini tidal waves ahead, and vigorous wakes follow. Out near the harbour where the water is shallow over the rocks there are three intrepid surfers having a whale of a time. I captured two of them earlier today:

I can hear many squeals of delight from young passers by below at the pavement level. From our first floor eyrie, we have a panoramic view of all the activity. A truly good to be alive afternoon here on the Prom in Castletown. Am taking the opportunity to celebrate creation and our Creator.

Sadly, I can't remember how to put my camera onto repeat, so am only getting the occasional photo rather than being able to take a group and pick the best. Note to self, ask Ivor how to do this!

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  1. Lovely to see these pics from The Isle of Man. We spend a lot of time over there, but the thought of a rough sea crossing deterred us this Christmas. I can't wait to get back across !
    Greetings from Manchester :-)