Friday, December 4, 2009

This Made My Day

My Granny gave me a manicure set when I was sent away to Boarding School and I have treasured it ever since. It encouraged me to take care of my nails and hands. Some of you may know that my husband tells me, frequently, that he loves my hands and feet, and is convinced I should have been a hand and foot model. It's a bit late for that now!

I've been following a manicure set on ebay which included a pretty nail buffer (which was not part of the original set) and am happy to say that I was successful in the bidding. What was quite unexpected was the communication that ensued at time of payment. An easy email conversation arose as a result and I sent the sellers a link to this blog. They, confessing never having read a blog but enjoying their visit, agreed that if they couldn't trust a vicar, then who could you trust? The items went in the post before the payment was received.

We live in a time when trust has been frequently superseded by fear and suspicion, and, sadly, this state of affairs subtracts from our com-union one with another.

This truly unexpected episode has but a spring in my step. Many thanks!

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