Thursday, January 14, 2010


As I settled into my morning quiet time, I found myself turning to, and pondering on, Psalm 21. As I read, and reread, I became aware of the awesome majesty and splendour of the Lord and how his purposes do not return empty, but full. There have been miracles in abundance.

I have, indeed, been granted the desire of my heart ... to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. I am not physically in an ancient church, my spirit rejoices as I know, in my heart, I am there.

Although the pathway I have been set upon has been extremely difficult at times, and occasionally seemed impassable, there have been some exceptional moments. These have served as signposts along the way, without which I would not have survived.

All this, and more, was a part of my morning's preparation. When I turned to the readings set for this morning, I discovered the set Psalm was 21! I laughed aloud in celebration ~ reminded, once again, of His glorious power, am humbled.

Go before us, Lord Christ,
with blessings of your goodness
and guide all those you call to authority
in the way of your justice
the knowledge of your liberty
and wisdom of your gentleness
for your Name's sake. Amen
This is the prayer below this psalm in Celebrating Common Prayer.

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