Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Time

Happy New Year - Belatedly

Really didn't expect to be away from the internet for quite so long. We became snow bound, like so many across Britain, and repeatedly took refuge away from the cold and ice, by the fire.

The wintry weather created all kinds of chaos, while at the same time there were some terrific sights. Flocks of garden visitors arrived, each busy trying to find food. The snow allows us to see the marks of all kinds of the wildlife we rarely see. I was particularly taken by the tiny footprints of one foraging bird who had taken refuge in the lee of a wall away from the wind. Wizzy loved pushing her nose in the snow exploring the curious white fluff, and then went charging around in her 'nutty-dog' manner.

Life has to be lived slowly but surely in icy conditions and the blanket of snow muffles all sounds. Thoroughly enjoyed the snow-time, away from the frenetic activities that mark our 21st century culture, it was accompanied by many little epiphanies as well as great connections with family and friends.

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