Saturday, October 31, 2009

Inadvisable Lap ... Dancing

At the touch of a button I had eradicated a pleasing set of colour coordinated choices. Having posted my delight at finding a new creative medium I was dismayed to discover just how quickly it became dark matter. What the ...

I am a rookie, at this. I had no idea of the consequences of attempting to change stuff. The image before me on my laptop was now devoid of the photos other than those I'd wrapped in text. How I could retrieve it all?

There are all kinds of settings and colours and a baffling number of other choises with no reverse button, as far as I can see, to fall back on. Well, I have discovered certain things had not been permanently lost. There were page elements that could be returned, but the overall colour scheme was lost. Good old trial and error has enabled me to learn. I know much more today than I did at the same time yesterday.

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