Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bee is for Bonnet and Bishop

On the way to our honeymoon we stayed the night in a B&B run by a rather eccentric family. In the wardrobe of our room were a pile of hats. We spent an hilarious hour trying these on and falling about laughing. The hats seemed to empower us to exaggerated behaviour.

While at college I joined a table in the refectory for lunch. Our guest that day was Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. This bishop was charming, courteous, engaging and supportive of the women at his meal table who were each at different points in their journey to Ordination.

It seems I may be mistaken. It turns out that this particular Bishop has declared he is considering a move to Rome which suggests he is opposed to women's ministry. How many other (male) Bishops are there with bees in their bonnets, who have not declared or have yet to be rumbled?

Perhaps appropriate headgear should be worn for encounters.


Have been contacted by a friend who thinks this Bishop may be considering going to Rome as an Evangelical.

There was a tiny piece in the Monday Telegraph and an interesting piece by George Pitcher about the Popes offer in the same newspaper. Also there was bulletin on Radio 4 news about the conference last weekend.

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