Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carpenter arrives

Building work began here in December 2007. Almost in the final stage, but not holding our breath. Almost at each turn a new problem has been found.
There have been so many but a few are notable.

A pipe under the floor boards in a cupboard had been leaking for upward of 7 years, we had already replastered above the skirtings. Windows were screwed into voids so water poured down wall cavities, or windows placed over damp proofing ensuring rotting window sills. The discovery of no insulation in the porch also revealed an external wall made of plasterboard stuck over with stones. One bedroom wall is about to be painted for the third time. So the arrival, today of Kenny the Carpenter heralds finishing touches.

Despite the dust and upheaval it has been a pleasure to meet so many people who excel at the chosen craft. I will miss them.

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  1. seems there are lots of bodge jobs that needed to be fixed! can u put a picture up of the new window?