Thursday, October 29, 2009


Putting the word 'unwelcome' in my search engine I am given one option. 'Unwelcome guest' appears. Mmmm.

Last night at about 1.30am I was awoken. On the landing I could hear voices. They seemed very close, which is odd because we live upstairs and the noises are usually down on the pavement at ground level.

Then I saw them. There on the scaffolding and climbing from there onto the roof, talking all the time, were some men. What would you do? I went back to the bedroom and whispered loudly to the snoring mound in the bed. Returning to the open plan living room I clapped my hands loudly and shouted 'Get off my house, get off the scaffolding'. One of the characters gave me lip, but thankfully they climbed down and scarpered. Only then did I tremble. A moment or two later my knight in shining armour appeared!

There's a street light outside so when looking into the house at night would be fairly opaque, and I had the advantage. We really do need those curtains and be rid of scaffolding.

Phoning the police this morning I was asked why I waited til morning to do so? Reflecting as to why I'm reminded of encounters in a different neighbourhood.

Last night was unwelcome.

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