Wednesday, October 28, 2009


A couple of researchers into household carbon footprints have concluded that keeping a medium sized dog will leave a carbon footprint equal to a gas guzzling vehicle. Their recommend you kill your dog, eat it and then keep a fish or budgie instead.

It seems a curious conclusion considering just how much pleasure and companionship they offer. Owning a dog, we are told, reduces stress, which is a brilliant reason to have one. Wizzy makes a huge difference to our home and family. When we came here we knew very few people. Thanks to Wiz this is not the case.

Let's keep perspective and remember we are all part of something immeasurable.

Here she is on her favourite bed looking through the scaffolding.

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  1. those researchers should loose their jobs and look into the carbon footprint of a chronically obese person and see how bag a carbon footprint they leave, think about the amount of resources they use all that food that is wasted down their gluttonous throat , should we kill them and eat them?!!!! i could go on!
    dogs are happy creatures who bring joy to families. Wizzy is far too special!