Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints

Its All Saints Day today ... great celebration!

... not marked in the same way as halloween. There were all kinds of people dressed up and goulish even at 2 pm in Douglas yesterday. Last night we had a number of visitors all accompanied by their parents and each received a mini bag of chocolate buttons.

All saints reminds us those of faith who've gone before and to recognise that we too belong to the Cloud of Witnesses. I've had so many encounters with remarkable people, each with unique stories.

At Ordination, the enormity of the Almighty and his call to ministry is recognised and I wanted to recognise all those who influenced and enabled me. My stole was designed to celebrate those who influenced my unique journey, encapsulated by the artistry of Jacquie Binns. If you'd like to see her work this is the website:

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