Friday, November 13, 2009

Ahead of the Storm

One look at the Shipping Forecast on the web and you know we are in the calm before the storm. Out this morning there is almost an eerie silence despite the hustle and bustle of the little town. I have posted the warning for Irish Sea, the forecast for the south coast, has possiblity of violent storm 11:
Gale warnings - Issued: 1001 Fri 13 Nov
Southerly storm force 10 expected soon

Shipping Forecast - Issued: 1130 Fri 13 Nov
Wind: South 6 to 8, becoming cyclonic gale 8 to storm 10, becoming west 6 to gale 8 later.
Sea State: Rough or very rough, occasionally moderate.
Weather: Rain or squally showers.
Visibility: Moderate or good occasionally poor.

As a consequence of the forecast Inspiration of Boss and her crew have made their way, very early this morning ahead of the weather, to their home port safely.

Here Wizzy is having an early walk, and we await the arrival of more moisture across the floorboards under the window.

A prayer for those who have to be on the high seas from Mission to Seafarers website:
Creator and Father of all,
we pray for those who go down to the sea in ships
and serve you upon the waters of the world.
Be with them in fair weather and foul,
in danger or distress.
Strengthen them when they are weary
and comfort them when they are far from their loved ones;
that they may put their whole trust in you
and find in you a strong anchor for their peace.
Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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