Sunday, November 8, 2009

Drying out

Leaving the shelter of the harbour wall in Alderney the company of Inspiration of Boss headed for Cherbourg's marina. It was a damp crossing, so once safely moored, the single heater was put on in order to dry out the waterproofs.

The journey from Cherbourg to St Helier, began at 9.15 am Saturday and was an even wetter thrash. They were tacking into a force 8 all the way with gusts of 9 as they headed through squalls. Rain, hail and the sea drenched them to the skin and their porridge, on Saturday morning, had to sustain them through into the night.

Once in sight of Jersey, they turned to follow the coast. Here it became more hairy as now, on a run in heavy seas, they were close to broaching. Every time they met a wave the end of the boom was submerged. They arrived, 16 hours later, at the entrance to St Helier at 1.15 am, within 15 minutes of their entrance being made impossible, by the well known bar.

When Gordon contacted me they were drying out. They were all so very cold and wet that they were thankful to be safely in port. He was not sure that the heater would be efficient or sufficient enough to dry everything, so they were hoping to find somewhere to dry their wetweather gear and they were going to find a 'greasy spoon' for a good feed. Also on board are Gareth, George, Nick and Skipper/Examiner Rich.

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