Monday, November 2, 2009

Before the ending of the day

The evening light has a very different quality as the days grow shorter. Made more acute, perhaps, by our location in the middle of the Irish Sea. The fewer daylight hours become precious for their usefulness, even in the age of electricity. The inky blackness, which will soon descend, is punctuated by the rhythmic flashing of the lighthouse and the nav lights of a passing vessel.

One of our sons has set out on a trip across the channel today. He's doing his yachtmaster. He'll be at sea for quite a few days, and out of contact for a couple of weeks. Identifying and understanding all kinds of lights at sea is foundational for all who venture across the water.

Each evening I reflect on all that is good, and all that will be and I give thanks for so much. And as dusk falls it is especially for those adventurers and mariners that I pray.

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