Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yachtmaster in Progress

Another attempt has been made today to make a bolt for Alderney. Not sure of the timings, but this time Inspiration of Boss cleared the Needles, and was about 3 hours out. It was now blowing 8-9 and gusting 45 knots. In the conditions a decision to heave to was taken and at this point the grabrail on the coach roof was under water.

Rather than plough on when some were unwell in difficult conditions they returned to safety in Swanage, and tonight they are in Poole.

Swanage has a place in our family history. During the war my mother, Norma, went there with some of her family. While on the playing on the beach they saw a Luftwaffe plane coming towards them. They huddled under the sea wall, and Mum's brother Rodney, aged about 10, lent over the females to protect them. Later they returned to the haberdashers shop for more provisions, and found it had received a direct hit.

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