Friday, November 6, 2009

The power of naming

Over and over again, I find myself amazed by the awesome goodness of the Almighty.

I have been very ill recently, so bad that I thought the end was nigh ... even went to the solicitors to write my will ... I could hardly walk, the pain was terrible and I was very, very frightened. (At the time I thought this strange, now I know the reason).

An appointment was made to see my rheumatologist. On arrival that morning I was dismayed to find instead a 'General Physician'. What an encounter! A simple question from him 'How did you feel as you prepared for your last post?' and one reply from me 'Really excited'. A statement from him 'And you were bitterly, bitterly disappointed'.

There you have it. This is not the time perhaps to write the details. Almost the first thing I had to do on arrival in post was to clean my front door of smeared human faeces - And I am sad to say there were all kinds of things that followed. I must add that amidst the mess there were some treasures.

Last night I sat with Psalm 116 and, found words to describe how it was at times in that place and, I know healing is underway. In just a few days I no longer need 'Tigger' my walking stick with attitude. I can once more move around with ease and I find I'm me again.

Humbled by His love.

Today I celebrate all that is good, all that has been and all that will be, and know there is nothing to fear.

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