Wednesday, November 25, 2009

With the Queen in Bermuda

The Queen is in Bermuda for a short visit to celebrate the Islands 400 yrs. Ivor will be arriving there later today to spend Thanksgiving with his Godmother Susie, and her family.

When I was there in '76 the Queen came to visit and travelled on Britannia, here docked in Hamilton. Now there is no Britannia, which had been our floating Embassy. This time she has arrived by air and stepped onto the 'Pink' carpet rather than red. (Pink to represent the coral beaches.) She was met by the Governor and Premier.

Ivor is expecting the red carpet, and is looking forward to special relaxing time with his Bermuda family. He has been hard at work, in school at IYRS, restoring a Chris-Craft. His particular red carpet treatment, I am reliably informed, will include beer and chat!

Photos are from family archives I took in 1976, Susie is sitting on her aunt's knee.

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