Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend Achievements I

While the boys were growing up I always wanted a car with 7 seats. Today we have one!

Having six adults to ferry around this weekend it was extremely useful. We all managed to pile into the car and do a bit of sightseeing. Here are Susan and Ruth looking quite happy - though they did comment they could only see where we had been. Friday the weather was sunny so Terry and Susan had a quick nip up to St John's and then we had a lovely tea in Harbour Lights in Peel. There really is nothing like a good cuppa! Ruth and Mally arrived on the last Gatwick flight and we had late supper.

Saturday saw the Bride and Groom going to the Jewellers to size up for their wedding rings. Meanwhile the oldies had a look at Laxey Wheel in torrential rain before abandoning the island tour. We then all piled back into the car and took a trip to the Calf instead. The storm ensured the sea was choppy and only a few souls braved the inclement weather, amidst the spume and flying seaweed, to view the local seals. We discovered we had severe 'window measles' on our return.

Wizzy took our visitors out for many walks. They are seen discussing the geography of the Island in relation to the the mainland. It really is good to spend time with our extending family.

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