Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Delfin Salar

Inspiration of Boss is in East Cowes tonight. I think they left St Helier and moved to St Peter's Port before making the dash across the Channel.

One boat from my childhood was Delfin Salar, a Moody. The name Delfin was chosen because of the gracious way dophins glide through the water. As boats' names are registered it's important not to have duplicates. Dolphin was already used, and so the Spanish name was chosen. We had stayed in Delfin Playa Hotel in Majorca in the early 60's.

Delfin was the first Salar made of fibreglass and was in the Boat Show, at Earls Court in the 1966. One of her visitors to that show was Princess Margaret. Leaving her mark on the companionway with her stiletto. All who go on board know the importance of correct footwear. Perhaps that wasn't a priority then. I would love to know where Delfin is now.


  1. Hello, we believe we now own the delphin salar of which you speak, not sure if you check this blog anymore, but if you do give us a note at

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