Saturday, November 14, 2009

Night Noises

The eerie silence ended with driving rain late yesterday evening.

Sometime during the night, I was awoken by pounding on the roof. The flat roof acts as a skin of a drum, and we live inside. The wheely bins outside were being blown around adding to the noise. Wizzy was restlessly moving about trying to find a place of safety. When the lightning flashed hailing the electric storm, she was instantly on the bed nosing her way under covers. There she stayed, trembling.

It's curious that, if we are awake in the utter darkness of night, with our eyes tightly shut, the flash of lightning penetrates all.

There are times in our lives when we experience fear. In those moments we seek comfort and assurance. Like children, like all of us, our pets need reassurance.

The Evening Collect:
Lighten our darkness,
Lord, we pray,
and in your great mercy
defend us from all perils
and dangers of this night;
for the love of you only Son,
Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen
These words resonate, not just at night but, especially in fearful times. Take courage and rest assured that darkness is pierced by the Light.

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