Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Window Measles

Yet another storm ... well it IS autumn.

The tides are interesting! We are coming off springs. These are the highest tidal ranges in the cycle. Over the last few days we have taken a pounding. This can last about an hour or so either side of high tide. Each crashing wave shaking the house and creating havoc on the road. It makes quite a lively time and Wizzy wants to nuzzle under the covers in the night! Here she is hiding under a table and dustsheet!

High tide plus high winds, increases the likelihood of flying debris, and seaweed gets everywhere. You can see the 'window measles' here. If seaweed manages to dry it sticks like limpets even to vertical surfaces. We have to hope the rain falls shortly after or measles can last for days.

A friend came to visit today as just as high tide was reached. Very bravely she used the front door and managed to dodge the spray and debris. (We use the back entrance at lively high tides.) For quite a long time we stood at the window and surveyed the crashing waves, flying debris and sloshing water that filled the road and blocked the drains.

There is something reassuring watching all the elemental activity from the comfort of our living room.

During storms, either in nature or in lives, we need to find shelter. Just like Wizzy we all need our refuges.

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