Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gale Warning

It has been a beautiful autumn day, here, with wall to wall sunshine. So warm we had to open all the windows when visitors arrived, so they didn't wilt.

The sea has been calm and the ducks and swans have been busy socialising and feeding all around the water's edge of the bay. Visibility has been good with the mountains of Man framed by the clear blue heavens. A lovely day all round in the middle of the Irish Sea. The pink/red skies herald another good day ahead.

Elsewhere the shipping forecast today: Gale warnings were issued at today 1526 Sun 08 Nov was gale force 8 now veered northerly.

Obviously my mind turns to the sailors in Portland, where Inspiration of Boss lies overnight in St Helier. Six o'clock this evening the forecast for that sea area is Northerly 6 - gale 8 decreasing 3 or 4 veering southeasterly later. Seastate rough/very rough decreasing mainly moderate.

Commit all seafarers to the Almighty's care this night.

Whate'er the tide
The Lord at their side,
In storm or in calm
To keep them from harm,
In good or in ill
He's with them still.
David Adam (adapted)

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