Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Divine Remedy

As I was having breakfast this morning, my mind wandered to the many, many different friends I have known across the years. Each one, utterly unique, each with different gifts and qualities. Some I don't see very much at all anymore for all kinds of reasons, yet being able to pick up where we left off is a precious part of friendship. Distance in time and geography doesn't affect those friendships.

While recovering from a recent arthritic flare, I've been thankful for all kinds of help from different friends. Some time ago one particular group of friends helped out by providing a main meal each day. This relieved the pressure on all the family. From my sick bed I asked one friend how I could repay all her generosity. Her reply was wise: each time you find someone who needs help, help them in whatever way you can.

Making a difference. This is a vocation in itself. So often the little things we do for others can make the greatest difference. Sometimes something as simple as cuppa and a chat is an unfathomable divine remedy.

I give thanks for all who consciously and unconsciously live this vocation.

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