Thursday, November 5, 2009

First Encounter

I have been asked by the son at sea to record some of our nautical history.

One of my earliest sailing memories is of Acorn, here on the mud in Woolverstone. There was also a workboat called Pip, but I have yet to find any photos of her. Dad owned the boatyard and park at Woolverstone. As a tiny child Acorn seemed big, but she was dwarfed by all the barges on the river.

There was an old chap, who lived on one of the boats that was laid up in the yard, who was of great interest to little people. I think he gave us a drink and cake. Along with my sister and friends Dena, Dawn and Darrel we would visit him. Remarkably his companions were budgies!

Just found this ancient chart. I'll post some more images as I find them.

Just love the sea.
It is in the DNA.
One son doing his Yachtmaster, the second is crew on Fair Do's VII, a Far 46 racing yacht, which was in the British Team that won the Commodores' Cup last year, and the third is at IYRS Newport RI.

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